Femicide and the Deontological Code for the Journalistic Profession

If gender murderers were committed uniformly over time, in Italy, we could count one female homicide every three days. In recent years, the phenomenon has attracted more and more attention from the media and civil society. Currently, it is commonly indicated as “femicide”. A term that, after the Ciudad Juarez facts, has spread in the international context, taking on a wider meaning and gaining recognition in the legal sphere.

Certainly, because of the frequency of this kind of violence, sooner or later, many journalists have to write about it. And, as we can easily understand reading reports and crime news, very often they are unprepared to do it: misogynist commonplaces, “too much love” rhetoric, sensationalism and other practices that reinforce the stereotypes, indirectly condemn women to the condition of the victim.

So, together with the Italian branch of Chayn, the “Frida Kahlo” Network and the Journalists Association, we are working on a course about “Femicide and the deontological code for the journalistic profession”, addressed to Italian Journalists. The meeting will take place in Livorno. If you want, in the meanwhile you can read the “IFJ Guidelines for Reporting on Violence Against Women”.

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